Cloud Offering.

Digital transformation with a cloud-first approach.

Accelerate to the Cloud

ThinkClear specializes in helping customers to leverage the cloud to meet their goals and innovate rapidly. At ThinkClear, we help companies deploy cloud solution in their digital transformation journeys to meet their business objectives and drive growth. Our cloud certified developers and architects provide a tailored, risk-mitigated cloud strategy that considers all possible deployment models, with minimal downtime. We provide a seamless, modern, secure and agile journey from in-house IT to a cloud infrastructure.

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Our Cloud Expertise

Cloud Application Solutions

Expertise in architecting and developing cloud-native applications. We have expertise in containerization/orchestration of the applications and also developing applications using serverless(lambdas, functions) capabilities provided by cloud providers. We help our clients create and deploy applications quickly and consistently through automation leveraging DevOps features available.

Cloud Enablement

We provide expert advice on analyzing cloud readiness, identifying opportunities, and create a roadmap for cloud transformation. We help to assess, integrate, and manage your optimal suite of cloud-based services.

Cloud Migration

We have the expertise to help enterprises build hybrid clouds and migrate to the cloud in a secure and cost-effective manner. Our holistic approach to cloud migration ensures everything is covered.