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Our Offerings

RPA Implementation

We help you go from RPA pilot to enterprise scale on your journey to automation. We help get your employees ready to manage and work alongside bots using a thoughtful and methodical strategy that successfully prepares an adaptive workforce and lowers risk. We also help establish internal capabilities by assessing your processes, and then designing and setting up your infrastructure, pilots, and governance model.

Automation Accelerators

We have created our own RPA accelerators and tools – Preconfigured Bots, Heatmaps, and Automation Index – to accelerate RPA deployment, deliver transformational impact, and ease your move from pilot to scale in a rapid and agile manner.

RPA Assessment

Implementing RPA means integrating people and software robots. This requires developing a new operating model through change management to help your people adapt to a digital workforce. Our assessments identify the business processes that will give you the highest ROI.

Our Sample Use Cases

  • Invoice Processing
  • RFP generation
  • PO Processing
  • Order Entry
  • Pricing Calculations
  • Accounts Receivable and Cash Management
  • Customer Credit Check
  • Accounts Payable and Expense Reporting